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CD Piano Movie Lounge 1

Hits musicais de filmes interpretadas pelo pianista See Siang Wong.

1.Portuguese Love Theme (From Love Actually)
2.Main Theme (From Schindler's List)
3.Main Theme (From Cinema Paradiso)
4.Love Theme (From Cinema Paradiso)
5.Main Theme (From Beauty and the Beast)
6.Playing Love (From The Legend of 1900)
7.River Flows in You
8.Send in the Clowns (From A Little Night Music)
9.One Summer's Day (From Spirited Away)
10.Gabriel's Oboe (From Mission)
11.Main Theme (From On Golden Pond)
12.Adagietto (From Death in Venice)
13.Dreaming of Fiji (From The Truman Show)
15.Somewhere out There (From An American Tail)
16.Big My Secret (From The Piano)
17.The Heart Asks Pleasure First (From The Piano)
18.Comptine d'un autre été, l'après-midi (From Amélie)
19.Feather Theme (From Forrest Gump)
20.Evergreen (From A Star Is Born)
21.Fly (From Untouchable)

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