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CD Piano Movie Lounge 2

Hits musicais de filmes interpretadas pelo pianista See Siang Wong.

1.Nuvole Bianche (From Insidious)
2.Main Theme (From Chocolat)
3.Bibo no Aozora (From Babel)
4.Iguazu (From Babel)
5.Main Theme (From Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence)
6.Time (From Inception)
7.Adagio for Strings (from Platoon)
8.If (From The Diary of Anne Frank)
9.Main Theme (From The Last Emperor)
10.Summer (From Kikujiro)
11.Pavane (From Mr. Nobody)
12.The Poet Acts (From The Hours)
13.Main Theme (From The English Patient)
14.A Retreat (From The English Patient)
15.Rupert Bear (From The English Patient)
16.Clair de lune (From Casino Royale)
17.Main Theme (From The Lives of Others)
18.Angela Undress (From American Beauty)
19.Songs Without Words, Op. 30, No. 1 (From Sophie's Choice)
20.Una mattina (From Intouchable)
21.Alone in Kyoto (From Lost in Translation)
22.Canon in D Major (Main Theme from Ordinary People)
23.Le onde

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