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Computational Fluid Dynamics In Industrial Combustion - Crc

nullAlthough many books have been written on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and many written on combustion, most contain very limited coverage of the combination of CFD and industrial combustion. Furthermore, most of these books are written at an advanced academic level, emphasize theory over practice, and provide little help to engineers who need to use CFD for combustion modeling.

Computational Fluid Dynamics in Industrial Combustion fills this gap in the literature. Focusing on topics of interest to the practicing engineer, it codifies the many relevant books, papers, and reports written on this combined subject into a single, coherent reference. It looks at each topic from a somewhat narrow perspective to see how that topic affects modeling in industrial combustion. The editor and his team of expert authors address these topics within three main sections:

Modeling Techniques-The basics of CFD modeling in combustion
Industrial Applications-Specific applications of CFD in the steel, aluminum, glass, gas turbine, and petrochemical industries
Advanced Techniques-Subjects rarely addressed in other texts, including design optimization, simulation, and visualization

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