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DVD Queen - We Are The Champions Special Edition (5 DVDs)

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Formato de tela: 4x3 Áudio: dolby digital 2.0 / 5.1 DVD 1 - We Will Rock You 1.We will rock you 2.Let me entertain you 3.Play the game 4.Somebody to love 5.Killer queen 6.I'm in love with my car 7.Get down make love 8.Save me 9.Now i'm here 10.Dragon attack 11.Love of my life 12.Under pressure 13.Keep yourself alive 14.Crazy little thing called love 15.Jailhouse rock 16.Bohemian rhapsody 17.Tie your mother down 18.Another one bites the dust 19.Sheer heart attack 20.We will rock you (reprise) 21.We are the champions 22.God save the queen DVD 2 - Live At The Rainbow 1.Procession 2.Now i'm here 3.Ogre battle 4.Father to son 5.White queen (as it began) 6.Flick of the wrist 7.In the lap of the gods 8.Killer queen 9.The march of the black queen 10.Bring back that leroy brown 11.Son and daughter 12.Keep yourself alive 13.Seven seas of rhye 14.Stone cold crazy 15.Liar 16.Big spender 17.Modern times rock'n'roll 18.Jailhouse rock 19.God save the queen DVD 3 - Live At The Bowl 1.Flash 2.The hero 3.We will rock you 4.Action this day 5.Play the game 6.Staying power 7.Somebody to love 8.Now i'm here 9.Dragon attack 10.Love of my life 11.Save me 12.Back chat 13.Get down make love 14.Under pressure 15.Fat bottomed girls 16.Crazy little thing called love 17.Bohemian rhapsody 18.Tie your mother down 19.Another one bites the dust 20.Sheer heart attack 21.We will rock you (reprise) 22.We are the champions 23.God save the queen DVD 4 - Tribute To Freddie Mercury 1.Tie your mother down - Queen + Joe Elliot And Slash 2.I want it all - Queen + Roger Daltrey And Tony Iommi 3.Las palabras de amor - Queen + Zucchero 4.Hammer to fall - Queen + Gary Cherone And Tony Iommi 5.Stone cold crazy - Queen + James Hetfield And Tony Iommi 6.Crazy little thing called love - Queen + Robert Plant 7.Too much love will kill you - Brian May 8.Radio ga ga - Queen + Paul Young 9.Who wants to live forever - Queen + Seal 10.I want to break free - Queen + Lisa Stansfield 11.Under pressure - queen + David Bowie And Annie Lennox 12.All the young dudes - Queen + Ian Hunter, David Bowie And Mick Ronson 13.Heroes - Queen + David Bowie And Mick Ronson 14.'39 - Queen + George Michael 15.These are the days of our lives - Queen + George Michael And Lisa Stansfield 16.Somebody to love - Queen + George Michael 17.Bohemian rhapsody - Queen + Elton John And Axl Rose 18.The show must go on - Queen + Elton John And Tony Iommi 19.We will rock you - Queen + Axl Rose 20.We are the champions - Liza Minelli And Cast DVD 5 - Freddie Mercury videos 1.Barcelona 2.The great pretender 3.I was born to love you 4.Time 5.How can i go on 6.Made in heaven 7.Living on my own 8.The golden boy 9.In my defense 10.Barcelona (live version) 11.The great pretender (extended version) 12.Living on my own (1993 remix)


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