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English An International Approach 4 Students Book - Oxford


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Oxford English: an international approach is essential for international students. It deals with the problems bilingual students encounter. Dr. S. J. Tariq, Lilongwe Private School, Malawi The student workbook is also a great combination of writing, grammar and vocabulary building activities. It is right at their level, and it incorporates the multiple intelligences. Kathleen Jasonides, American Community College of Athens, Greece The chapters are wide enough to offer a lot of teacher input and involvement, the topics are wide enough to stray from what's on offer in the book, and there's enough substance in the three chapters we've looked at so far to stick to the text if we want to. Katherine Kells, Lorentz Lyceum, Netherlands Ideal for learners of English just below first language parity. An abundant and varied set of materials that stimulate the international student and a must have series for schools serious about elevating standards of English. Our department of ten love teaching from the series and students love learning from it.


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