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Good Morning Trancoso - Cooklovers


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It was in Trancoso that Sandra Marques, from São Paulo, fulfi lled a dream by opening the Pousada Capim Santo lodge, located in the settlement's main square - its most famous landmark - which is called "o Quadrado" (lit. "The Square", because of the shape). Since its opening in 1985, the lodge never fails to impress with its cozy setting and alluring cooking, such as their renowned breakfast recipes. Breakfast is, for the Brazilian, an extremely important meal that goes beyond the simple need to supply the energy necessary until the next meal. The Brazilian breakfast is extremely varied and can be made of freshly baked rolls, cake, pies, toast, jam, fruits, cheese rolls, besides the traditional cup of strong coffee. Breakfast at the Capim Santo lodge is a banquet for all the senses and, in this book, you will learn how to prepare these very recipes.

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