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Iutam Symposium On Turbulent Mixing And Combustion - Kluwer Academic Pub

nullThe goals of the Symposium were to draw together researchers in turbulence and combustion so as to highlight advances and challenge the boundaries to our understanding of turbulent mixing and combustion from both experimental and simulation perspectives; to facilitate cross-fertilization between leaders in these two fields. These goals were noted to be important given that turbulence itself is viewed as the last great problem in classical physics and the addition of chemical reaction amplifies the difficulties enormously. This volume contains reviewed papers. The invited lectures considered the many challenges posed by adding one element to the base formed by others: turbulence and turbulent mixing in the absence of combustion through to turbulent mixing dominated by chemistry and combustion. The Symposium benefited from experimental, theoretical and computational contributions, which were focussed on either fundamental or more practical questions. Extensive discussions that followed each paper are included and add to the richness of the Proceedings. The Proceedings consider DNS, LES and experimental investigations of turbulence, turbulent mixing, diffusion dominated and pre-mixed combustion and thus will be of broad interest to all researchers active in these fields.

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