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One Day At A Time - Dell

nullCoco Barrington was born into a legendary Hollywood family. Her mother, Florence, is a mega-bestselling author. Her sister, Jane, is one of Hollywood s top producers and has lived with her partner, Liz, for ten years in a solid, loving relationship. Florence, widowed but still radiant, has just begun a secret romance with a man twenty-four years her junior. But Coco, a law-school dropout and the family black sheep, works as a dog walker, having fled life in the spotlight for an artsy Northern California beach town. When Coco reluctantly agrees to house-sit for Jane, she discovers an unexpected houseguest - Leslie Baxter, a dashing but down-to-earth British actor who s fleeing a psycho ex-girlfriend. Their worlds couldn t be more different. The attraction couldn t be more immediate. And as Coco contemplates a future with one of Hollywood s hottest stars, as her mother and sister settle into their lives, old wounds are healed and new families are formed - some traditional, some not so traditional, but all bonded by love.

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