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Production Pests And Diseases In Mushroom Pleurotus Spp Crop - Aut Parananese


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Pleurotus genus is one of most extensively studied white-rot fungi due to its exceptional ligninolytic properties. It's an edible mushroom and it also has several biological effects, as it contains important bioactive molecules. In basidiomycete fungi, lignocellulolytic enzymes are affected by many typical fermentation factors, such as medium composition, ratio of carbon to nitrogen, pH, temperature, air composition, etc. Cultivations of edible mushrooms can often be affected by some bacterial, mold and virus diseases that rather frequently cause dramatic production loss. The survival and multiplication of mushrooms is related to a number of factors, which may act separately or have interactive effects between them. Out that understanding challenges in handling Pleurotus species mushroom requires a fundamental understanding of their physical, chemical, biological and enzymatic properties. This book presents a practical checklist of available intrinsic and extrinsic factors, providing useful synthetic information that may help different users. An in-depth understanding of the technical features is needed to an appropriate and efficient production of Pleurotus spp.

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