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Rene Lalique - Toc Na Cuca

nullHere is a look at Lalique's creative process through a selection of unusual works - inluding glassware, paintings, jewelery, and fashion designs - that highlight both the technical and aesthetic aspects of his actual craft. Not just another showcase of Lalique art nouveau glories, this catalog includes photographs taken by the artist, preparatory sketches and life-size studies, and the objects that inspired Lalique - as well as finished pieces from a period when he laid the foundations for his style. The authors compare Lalique's work to that of his creative contemporaries and contextualize his work within the creative arts of the time. They show how Lalique's creativity was situated among the arts, poetry, and literature of the day, and how he used other art forms to effect a stylistic renewal of jewelery that is still treasured. With stunning images and authoritative essays, this monograph illuminates the full range of this ingenious craftsman.

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