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Wild Amazon - Toc Na Cuca

nullAmazonia is, without doubt, the greatest rainforest on earth. Covering two and three quarter million square miles, it crosses the political borders of nine countries. Some 50 per cent of the world s terrestrial species, including rare - and often unique - animals and plants are found here. But the statistics are so vast that they are almost meaningless. It is only when it is given the opportunity to see individual life forms, from tiny ants to man-eating black caiman, to mysterious birds such as the potoo, with its 'magic eye', that we can even begin to appreciate the diversity and incomparable beauty of the world s last area of true wilderness. Nick Gordon gives an insight into that wilderness. Having lived in Amazonia for ten years, filming and photographing the wildlife and indigenous peoples of the area, he has amassed a unique and wide-ranging collection of images.

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