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Alice S Adventures In Wonderland - English Edition Full Version - Autentica


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One and a half centuries: that?s how long ago Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland, a book which we all love to read and re-read. Since the nineteenth century until today, it has intrigued, enchanted and moved readers of all ages. It tells the tale of Alice, the little girl who falls down the rabbit hole into a place of fantasy, inhabited by weird creatures who resemble human beings. A nonsensical universe, filled with an absurd logic that feels like a dream world, in a narrative marked by parodies of children?s poems popular in England at that time. There Alice goes on weird and absurd adventures, faces uncommon situations, meets extravagant beings, is asked enigmatic and illogical questions, grows and shrinks in size... And lives through it all unfazed and with a lot of curiosity.

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