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CD Ella Fitzgerald - Everyone'S Wrong But Me (10 CDs)

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1. I'll Chase The Blues Away
2. Love & Kisses
3. Rhythm & Romance
4. I'll Chase The Blues Away
5. My Melancholy Baby
6. All My Life
7. Crying My Heart Out For You
8. Under The Spell Of The Blues
9. When I Get Low I Get High
10. Swing Me A Swing Song (And Let Me Dance)
11. Little Bit Later On
12. Love You're Just A Laugh
13. Devoting My Time To You
14. You'll Have To Swing It
15. Swingin On The Reservation
16. I Got The Spring Fever Blues
17. Vote For Mr. Rhythm
18. Good Night My Love
19. Oh Yes Take Another Guess
20. Didja Mean It
21. My Last Affair
22. Organ Grinder's Swing
23. Shine
24. Darktown Strutters Ball
25. Take Another Guess
26. Big Boy Blue
27. Dedicated To You
28. You Showed Me The Way
29. Crying Mood
30. Love Is The Thing So They Say
31. All Over Nothing At All
32. If You Ever Shoudl Leave
33. Everyone's Wrong But Me
34. Deep In The Heart Of The South
35. Just A Simply Melody
36. I Got A Guy
37. Holiday In Harlem
38. Rock It For Me
39. I Want To Be Happy
40. Dipsy Doodle
41. If Dreams Come True
42. Hallelujah!
43. Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen
44. It's My Turn Now
45. It's Wonderful
46. I Was Doing All Right
47. A- Tisket A-Tasket
48. Heart Of Mine
49. I'm Just A Jitterbug
50. This Time It's Real
51. (Oh Oh) What Do You Know About Love?
52. You Can't Be Mine (And Someone Else's Too)
53. We Can't Go On This Way
54. Saving Myself For You
55. If Only You Knew
56. Pack Up Your Sins & Go To The Devil
57. Macpherson Is Rehearsin (To Swing)
58. Everybody Step
59. Ella
60. Wacky Dust
61. Gotta Pebble In My Shoe
62. I Can't Stop Loving You
63. Strictly From Dixie
64. Woe Is Me
65. I Let A Tear Fall In The River
66. F.D.R. Jones
67. I Love Each Move You Make
68. It's Foxy
69. I Found My Yellow Basket
70. Undecided
71. 'tain't What You Do (It's The Way What Cha Do It)
72. One Side On Me
73. My Heart Belongs To Daddy
74. Once Is Enough For Me
75. I Had To Live & Learn
76. Sugar Pie
77. It's Slumbertime Along The Swanee
78. I'm Up A Tree
79. Chew-Chew-Chew
80. Don't Worry About Me


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